Kuben Management’s data protection policy explains which personal data we collect, why we collect them, and which rights you have in that connection.

Data protection responsible
Kuben Management A/S is data protection responsible for the treatment of those personal data, that we collect about you through our website. You are always welcome to contact us, should you have questions about this data protection policy or about our treatment of your personal data. Our contact details are:

Kuben Management A/S
CVR-no. 28693036
Ph.: +45 7011 4501
E-mail: info@kubenman.dk



The personal data (e.g. name and adress), that we collect through our website consist of the personal information, which you give us, when you access our website or which you in other ways provide us with when you visit our website. We make use of socalled cookies to collect information of a technical character as we as well as for statistical purposes. You can read about our cookie policy here.


We only collect personal data which is necessary for being able to deliver the service in question to you, and we only make use of your personal data for the purposes that are described in this data protection policy.
We only store registered personal data for as long as it is necessary for fulfilling the purposes for which your personal data has been collected, or for as long as we are legally committed to do so. Further on this below.
When you access our website, your IP-adress is logged for statistical and technical purposes. The legal basis for this is Article 6.1.f in the General Data Protection Regulation, cf. the Danish Data Protection Law § 6 stk. 1.

Apart from this, you personally provide certain personal information to us on the website through electronic formulars and the like:

When you request a proposal for energy labelling of your property or an energy audit of your company, we ask for you name, your e-mail address, your telephone number, and information about which property your request concerns. This information is necessary to be able to reply to your request, cf. the General Data Protection Regulation Article 6.1.f. and the Danish Data Protection Law § 6 stk. 1.

Data contained in your request will be deleted when a reply has been provided and the request has been processed.
If you apply for a job with Kuben Management through our website, you will provide us with some information about yourself, including name, address and experience. This information is necessary for us to process you application.

Additional information, which you may choose to provide, including for instance your personal registration number (CPR-number), is not necessary information and we will process your application also if such information is not provided. Our treatment of your personal data in connection with your job application will take place on the basis of your consent, cf. the General Data Protection Regulation Art. 6.1.a) and Art. 9.1.a, and the Danish Data Protection Law § 6 stk. 1, § 7 stk. 1 and § 11 stk. 2, nr. 2. Your application will be deleted after 6 months, unless you give your consent to storage for a longer period of time.


We give a high priority to data security. For this reason we have a strong focus on contributing to a treatment of your personal data that complies with the personal data legislation which is applicable at any time. With a view to protecting your information against accidental or illegal destruction, data loss or data diminishment, we have implemented both technical and organizational security measures. These measures also aim at preventing that your personal data is made available to unauthorized persons, that it is abused or in other ways treated in ways that conflict with personal data law.


We make use of data processing parties, including providers of software, for among other things back up, security and storage. In this case your personal data will be made available to these third parties, who will be instructed by us to treat your personal data on our behalf. The data processing parties will therefore not make use of and treat your personal data for other purposes than for the fulfillment of their agreement with us.

We oblige data processing parties to treat your personal data confidentially, and to take the necessary technical and organizational security measures against data accidentally or illegally being destroyed, lost or degraded, or becoming available to unauthorized parties, being abused or in other other ways being treated in conflict with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.


We do not disclose your personal data to third parties without having obtained your prior explicit consent, unless we are legally obliged to do so.

We reserve, however, the right to disclose and utilize your personal data to other companies in the NGRi corporation without our explicit prior consent, but only to the extent the disclosure is necessary to fulfill the original purpose with our collection of your personal data.


We take good care of your personal data and treat them in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. We respect your rights in regards to the Regulation, and you will always have the following rights, cf. the General Data Protection Regulation Art. 15-22:

  • To withdraw your consent to treatment of your personal data, if this data treatment is based on your consent. Possible withdrawal of your consent does not affect the legality of that treatment which has taken place before the consent is withdrawn.

  • To request access to your personal data, that we have collected, and to obtain further information about among other things the purpose of data collection, complaint possibilities etc.

  • To rectify prospective incorrect personal data about yourself.

  • In certain cases to have your personal data deleted.

  • In certain cases to impose limits on the treatment of your personal data.

  • In certain cases to object against our otherwise legal treatment of your personal data.

  • In certain cases to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format and to have this data transferred to an alternative data responsible.

  • To issue a complaint to the Danish Data Autority (Datatilsynet) about our treatment of your personal data. You will find the contact details of the Data Authority at www.datatilsynet.dk.

All of the above rights are handled manually by us by contacting persondaata@nrgi.dk.
You can read more about your rights in the Data Authority’s (Datatilsynets) instructions about registered pesons’ rights. The instructions are found at www.datatilsynet.dk.